Astor and Ramea


Our a long awaited litter is here! Two amazing dogs - the Spanish top male IDC Sieger Legend Goes on Astor and our wonderful girl Defender of Bulgaria Ramea, combining excellent exterior and super character!

Date of birth: 16.03.2020

3 Black males

3 Brown males

2 Black females

3 Brown females


Pictures of available puppies at age 50 days


Brown male, green collar

Brown male, green collar


Brown female, pink collar

Brown female, pink collar

Pedigree of the puppies

Legend Goes on Astor

Sant Kreal Idol

Sant Kreal Zeus

Urbano del Diamante Nero

Sant Kreal Ukrashenie

Sant Kreal Citadel

Pathos delle Querce Nere

Sant Kreal Ukrashenie

Uruk-Hai Urissa del Jardin De Elfos

Zion Betelges

Pako Daker

Greta Betelges

Larissa del Jardin De Elfos


Heidy del Jardin De Elfos

Defender of Bulgaria Ramea

Grafit Di Perlanera

Pride of Russia Taymir

Pride of Russia Sidor

Teraline Impreza

Fruthy Free Di Perlanera

Zordan Zewi del Citone

Tahi-reme Ruthy

Defender of Bulgaria Arabella Zordan Zewi del Citone

Gino Gomez del Citone

Giada di Villa Conte

Fiona iz Ongal

Magic Master Of Masterhof

Elina Di Altobello