This litter is in cooperation with a kennel HOPE of DAWN who gave us an excellent female for breeding with one of the best male!

We are proud to present you,an excellent litter with an extraordinary combination of exterior and character. In future by the puppies we will expect the highest results in the biggest exhibitions all around the world!!!

Date of birth 20.07.2017

5 black males

1 brown male

3 black females


Age 3.5 months

Green male

Green male

Grey male

Grey male

Brown male

Brown male


Age 30 days

Red male

Orange male

Blue male

Green male

Grey male

Brown male

Pink female

Beige female

Yellow female


Puppies pedigree:

Eutay del Nasi
Pride Of Russia Taymir
Pride Of Russia Sidor
Fedor del Nasi
Sharon iz Zoosfery
Impreza Teraline
Atreyo de Grande Vinko
Teraline Aurora
Eureka del Nasi
Zedor del Nasi
Fedor del Nasi
Karma Kaja del Nasi
Gloria del Nasi
Gino Gomez del Citone
Wallis Niki of Tanderberg
Defender of Bulgaria Deya

Pride of
Russia Sidor

Fedor del Nasi
Baron Nike Renewal
Akuna Matata
de Granke Vinko

Sharon iz Zoosfery
Pimm's Number One
iz Doma Domeni

Mo de Stang-Zu
Tahi-Reme Tarabee
Hero di Casa Fox
Fedor del Nasi
Elisir di Casa Fox

Ale' Alamos del Citone
Tahi-reme Giniti