One more excellent combination from which we expect strong dogs with excellent body type and powerful head,stabil character and outstanding desire for work.

Puppies whelped: 31.08.2017

5 Black males

6 Black females


Defender of Bulgaria Narnia

Narnia have very stable character and excellent exterior,she is very calm girl and will be perfect family member,it will also have excellent results at all exhibitions around the world!!!

Age 4.5 month

Age 3.5 month



Age 90 days

Age 45 days


Age 5 weeks


Puppies pedigree:

Veyron del Monte Aspro Hero di Casa Fox Fedor del Nasi
di Casa Fox
Lunantic Lucie  del Monte Aspro Nitro del Rio Bianco
Ashanti Van Hof Ter Eeckhout
Urany dei Due Intenti Sanchoreny Gomez del Fiorsilva
Gino Gomez 
del Citone
Reny of Tanderberg
Unde Mai di Villa Castelli
Alex di Casa Ravasi
Defender of Bulgaria Ophelia

Pride of Russia Kaspij
Fedor del Nasi
Baron Nike Renewal
Akuna Matata
de Granke Vinko

Euro Dinamika Iz Zoosfery Pimm's Number One
iz Doma Domeni

Mo de Stang-Zu
Defender of Bulgaria Arabella
Zordan Zewi del Citone Gino Gomez 
del Citone
di Villa Conte
Fiona Iz Ongal Magic Master Of Masterhof
Elina Di Altobello